All About Joe

Joe has been a User Experience (UX) professional for over fifteen (15) years. He also loves playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Find out why!

Hi, I’m Joe Wojo!

I love helping people, working with people and asking a ton of questions. My technical prowess, creativity & inquisitive nature is why I love User Experience as well as Dungeons & Dragons.

Passions & Storytelling

When I was a child I loved comic books, movies, and computer games. I thought it was the art, technology & special effects that grabbed my attention… but over time I noticed there were quite a few BAD comic books, movies and computer games with amazing visuals. I came to the realization that an engaging story was the backbone of a great work.

Art & Technology

I was seemingly all over the place in high school. Art classes, robotics team, history & writing, math & science… these varied interests lead me to pursue an interdisciplinary degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in humanities & sciences. During & immediately after college I worked in UI, graphic & multimedia design. Much like my childhood experiences with comic books, movies & computer games, I learned it was the storytelling of User Experience that was the backbone of great projects.

User Experience Design

I solve design problems by telling effective user stories. Who is the user? What tasks are they trying to accomplish? What knowledge and experiences do they have? Knowing the answers to these questions simplifies and expedites the entire design & problem solving process.

Learn about my UX Design Process.

Dungeons & Dragons

I enjoy running D&D campaigns as it shares many similarities with UX Design. Who are the players? What are their motivations for questing? Why is this particular villain doing villainous things in their villainous lair? Knowing these little details helps create stories that are fun & engaging for your players.