Creating better stories by examining the parallels between User Experience and Dungeons & Dragons.
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Sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea) and read about UX Research, Design, Dungeons & Dragons, the author (Joe Wojo) and his UX process.

Joe's UX Process

User Research to Interactive Prototypes

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Personas to High Fidelity Designs

All About Joe

UX Professional & Dungeon Master

User Experience

What is it?

UX Research / Design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by following user & data centric methodologies & design principles.

How is it run?

UX Professionals work directly with users, designers, developers & stakeholders to gather & analyze data, create project specific design processes and conduct user testing to evaluate project effectiveness.

Dungeons & Dragons

What is it?

D&D is a tabletop role-playing game through which players share an interactive storytelling experience.

How is it run?

A Dungeon Master (DM) writes a campaign that players will interact with, rolling polyhedral dice to decide the outcome of particular challenges presented before them.